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    This shop lets you get your racist tattoo covered for free

    Everyone makes mistakes in life, some bigger than others. Getting a racist tattoo is never a good idea. One can think what possesses someone to have such a thing put on their body, but most importantly, these people should see their mistake for themselves.

    The chances of regretting a tattoo with racist motives are high, getting it lasered or covered can therefore bring a lot of shame. You can imagine that a tattoo artist does not get very happy about seeing such a tattoo, unless maybe the artist who did the racist tattoo in the first place.

    People who live in the Kentucky area can sleep on both their ears, they can go to a tattoo shop named Murray without judgments to find a solution to their big mistake. The tattoo shop Murray likes to help people grow as a person. They are absolutely against racism, so they would like to help cover racist tattoos with a beautiful design.

    They put this cover completely free for their customers. They are often told by their clients that they got the tattoo under pressure or were very young with faulty beliefs. No one deserves to be reminded of this bad decision for their lifetime. Most importantly, clients have moved away from their racist beliefs, Murray wants them to exude on the outside what they feel on the inside and be able to grow as a person.

    The tattoo shop has already been able to rid people all over America of their racist tattoos and also receives donations from the community for doing so. If you walk around with such a tattoo here in Belgium and regret it, you will unfortunately have to pay for the cover. But say it, rather spend some money on a nice cover than keep walking around with a racist tattoo, right?

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