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    Snake eye piercing, dangerous or not?

    The snake eye piercing is growing in popularity, on the Internet you can see it everywhere these days. Yet there is very much controversy about this. Experts therefore warn against this piercing. The snake eye piercing may look a fun, but it also carries certain dangers.

    The piercing is placed horizontally on the tip of the tongue, this way you create the effect of snake eyes. Of course, in doing so, you must imagine that your tongue is the head of the snake.

    Every tongue piercing is complicated, many complications can occur during its healing process. With the snake eye piercing, there are some additional complications, making the dangers greater.

    One danger is that the mobility of the tongue may be lost. As it were, the tongue is divided into two muscles divided in half. The snake eye piercing joins these halves together, hindering them. It can even cause paralysis of the tongue.

    Another complication that can occur is the exposure of the tooth root. The piercing rests contently on the back of the teeth, this creates friction with the gums. This could open the gums and expose the roots of the tooth. This is irreversible.

    If the tongue were to repel the piercing, it will create a scar that will remain visible.

    Not all types of tongue are suitable for this type of piercing, everyone’s anatomy is different. If you do want to go for the snake eye piercing against advice, find an experienced piercer to examine your tongue. This one will immediately be able to tell if your tongue is suitable for this piercing or not. However, you will find few piercers willing to do this piercing. Due to the number of complications, a lot of professionals refuse to stick them to their clients.

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