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    Tattooed women are easier to seduce

    Men feel that women with tattoos are easier to get into bed with after a first meeting. A woman with tattoos is also considered more attractive by men and the threshold to approach them is lower. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by French professor Guéguen on the beaches of Brittany in the summer of 2008 and 2009.

    For the first part of the study, 11 female 20-somethings visited deer beach regularly. During half of their visits to the beach, they wore a paste tattoo on their lower back and the other times they had no ink drawing on the body. It turned out that these women were more likely to be accosted by men when they had the stick-on tattoo on.

    For the second part of the study, 400 male 20-somethings were surveyed. They were asked two questions: how likely they estimated their likelihood that the woman would say yes to an invitation for a date and how likely they estimated the likelihood that they would have sex after this date. In doing so, they also asked them to give a score in terms of attractiveness.

    According to the results, men expected that tattooed women would be more likely to agree to a date and would also be more likely to go to bed with them after this first encounter.

    However, the study does not show whether this is actually true, only that men are walking around with this idea. They were not asked whether they drew this conclusion because of stereotypes or because of personal experiences. Also, the study mainly dealt with only one type of tattoo, the lower back tattoo.

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