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    10 types of designs tattoo artists don’t like to put in place

    Tattoos are true works of art, existing in millions of styles. Everyone has their own preference in style or design that way. There are also tattoos that you yourself may not like very much or would never have done to yourself.

    Even tattoo artists themselves have certain preferences regarding tattoos. In this article, some artists share which tattoos they don’t like and have even already rejected.

    1. Tattoos on the inner lip

    Inside the lip is a generally difficult area to tattoo. About 80% of the time they don’t pack well and fade quickly.

    These types of tattoos fade quickly because of the rapid conversion of skin cells in the mouth. Because these tattoos fade so quickly, some artists find it frustrating to tattoo the inner lip.

    2. Small finger tattoos

    Also finger tattoos fade quickly and are difficult in aftercare. Consider hand washing, sun exposure, etc.

    You need your hands/fingers for just about everything, so protecting the new tattoos from outside influences is almost impossible.

    Especially when the client does not have a bold design or a specific reason to put the tattoos on the fingers, tattoo artists prefer to avoid them.

    3. Popular anchor designs

    In general, anchor designs are not a problem, but it is a trend these days to include the phrase “I refuse to sink. Artists have a hard time ignoring the fact that the whole purpose of an anchor is to sink.

    Because of this, they find the popular design very ironic and some refuse to put this on their customers. However, they do want to put other anchor designs, or if one necessarily wants the famous phrase to put a boat there instead of an anchor.

    4. The name of one’s partner

    Having your partner’s name tattooed on your body seems like the ultimate dedication. Yet many artists try to dissuade their clients from doing so. The danger of regretting such a tattoo after your partner turns out not to be the love of your life after all is very high.

    If you still like to show your devotion to your partner through a tattoo, choose a design that symbolizes your relationship. Where if the relationship breaks down, you can still give it another meaning.

    5. The work of other artists

    Tattoo designs are very individual, if an artist uses another artist’s design one is actually committing plagiarism.

    So don’t immediately ask for a direct copy of a design, but let your artist use the design as inspiration for your own.

    6. Symbols from popular series

    You probably know it, the popular Harry Potter symbol or the Batman logo. Some tattoo artists do not like to put these symbols. Mainly because there are people who seriously think it is a cultural symbol or some kind of sacred geometry. It isn’t.

    Also, artists find the symbols no longer original, everyone suddenly wants the Harry Potter symbol once they have seen the movies once. When you then ask if, as a big fan, they have also read every book, the answer is no.

    7. Racist hatred

    Most artists will refuse to tattoo racist symbols on anyone. In fact, some artists are so opposed to this that they are constantly researching new hate symbols so that they do not inadvertently promote racism.

    If your artist does knowingly put such a symbol on his clients, it is best to find another tattoo artist right away.

    8. Tattoos with many colors

    Tattoos with colors fade faster than black tattoos or tattoos with black outlines. So a very colorful tattoo needs a tremendous amount of maintenance.

    Some artists are less willing to put these types of tattoos because they are afraid that their clients may not realize that they need to have the tattoo touched up every few years.

    9. Tattoos with fluorescent dyes

    When one wants a fluorescent tattoo, one must be 100% sure of the design. In fact, this is a tattoo that is very difficult or almost impossible to laser away. Covering it is also difficult, given that the fluorescent dye always continues to shine through a bit.

    10. Tattoos with white pigment

    White tattoos always look super cute online, however, this is mostly photoshopped. Tattoos with white pigment usually only look good on the first day of tattooing.

    White tattoos are enormously sensitive to Uv rays. They fade quickly and often leave a discoloration instead of disappearing completely.

    So tattoos made of pure white ink are not an immediately good plan.

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