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    Tattoos healthier than people think

    There are many reasons to get a tattoo. It can be symbolic, therapeutic, increase self-esteem or simply beautiful. Still, there is another reason why you might consider a tattoo.

    One would think that the ink of tattoos harms your health, not is less true. According to a 2016 study by University of Alabama researchers, having multiple tattoos boosts the immune system. The more tattoos you get, the less likely you are to get sick.

    According to the associate professor of anthropology at the university, it is a process. Getting one tattoo has the opposite effect, it lowers your immune system. In fact, getting a tattoo is exhausting for both your body and immune system. It ka cause pain and exhaustion in your body for the first few hours. Getting your first tattoo creates a mild shock to the body as your body begins to focus tremendously on healing the affected area. As your body focuses on healing your tattoo, it loses sight of resistance to other diseases. This can make you get sick faster.

    When getting multiple tattoos, however, your body gets used to the process. The more tattoos you take, the more your body will begin to accept it as the norm. After the recovery process of the first tattoo, the body resets itself. When you keep tattooing your body you keep giving it the same shock, the body will eventually start to adapt to this shock. It will begin to raise the bar for itself and become stronger.

    For the study, the researchers visited several tattoo shops. They took a saliva sample from people who were getting tattooed. These samples were used to analyze the levels of immunoglobulin A, the body’s antibodies. For those who had their first tattoo, this level of antibodies dropped significantly. For people who already had several tattoos prior to the study, this decrease was not there.

    So with every tattoo you get, you actually increase your immune system. It won’t prevent diseases like cancer, but it will better protect you from illnesses like the common cold. If ever there was a reason to doubt a new tattoo, it too has been dismissed. Improve your health and get on that tattoo chair.

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