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    Elen Soul

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    Elen Soul’s journey into the realm of tattooing began with a deep appreciation for art and her ability to convey emotions and experiences. Although tattoo artist was not immediately her first choice, we can say with some conviction that we here are especially delighted that she chose the path of tattooing after all. Meanwhile, Elen has been active as a tattoo artist for more than 10 years.

    Elen Soul’s artistic style is notable for her preference for detailed designs with black and white tones and color accents. Her love of horror and darkness is reflected in her work. She feels a deep connection to classic horror films and draws inspiration from her own distinctive appearance that is somewhat reminiscent of a vampire.

    In addition to tattooing, Elen Soul is also actively engaged in drawing and illustration. She considers drawing her second job and spends a lot of time refining her artistic skills. She has developed her own style over the years and this style is very recognizable.

    Elen Soul has quickly established itself as a notable name in the world of tattoo art. Her unique style, penchant for dark themes and pursuit of artistic excellence make her an inspiration to both fellow artists and tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. With her determination and passion, Elen Soul is sure to continue to shine in the tattoo world as she continues to develop her own art and style.

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