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    Piercings you can secretly wear at work

    Although piercings have long since ceased to be a taboo these days and you see them more and more, they are still not universally accepted. There are workplaces where you are simply not allowed to have visible piercings. Fortunately, there is a solution to this; there are piercings that you can easily hide from your employer. In this article, we go over fun piercings you can secretly wear in the workplace.

    1. Septum piercings

    This piercing is increasing in popularity. The piercing is placed in the piece of skin just below the cartilage of the nose. If you have a horseshoe ring or retainer, you can easily twist it inward. This way, the piercing sits in the nostrils and is not visible to anyone else. If you choose this piercing because you want to hide it from your employer, it is better to have it done during your leave days. In fact, turning the piercing inward can be quite painful for the first week.

    Be aware that if your nostrils are very raised, there is a chance that you may still see the piercing. In this case, try a black-colored ring, it reflects less in the light.

    • Navel piercing

    It goes without saying that a navel piercing is easy to hide in the workplace, unless your job requires you to walk around with your belly bare. Normally, this piercing is just hidden under your clothing. Be careful with very tight clothing though, it can be quite revealing and show the contour of your piercing.

    • Dermals

    Dermals can be placed anywhere you want on the body. You can take as many as you want and they can be placed just about anywhere. Popular places for this piercing are: the hips, collarbones and lower back. However, you must be careful not to get these stuck behind your clothing, as they can quickly cause a permanent scar.

    • Labret piercing

    This piercing can only be hidden by men with facial hair. If it leaves a beard and wears a clear retainer in a labret, it is barely visible. The lower the labret is placed in the lip, the easier it is to hide in facial hair.

    • Ear piercings

    Ear piercings are usually accepted everywhere, so one does not often have to keep these hidden. If you still like to keep an ear piercing hidden, women with longer hair can easily do so by wearing their hair loose and letting it hang over the ears. Men or women with shorter hair can wear headgear such as a beanie to hide the piercings.

    You have many types of ear piercings: a Rook, Helix, Conch, daith, etc. All fun piercings for extra decorated ears.

    • Tongue web piercing

    This piercing is placed through the tissue at the bottom of your tongue that connects your tongue to the jaw. It will only be visible if you raise the tongue, but this you normally only do to show off the piercing and not if you want to keep it hidden. If you talk normally as normal, this piercing will not be visible to your employer.

    • Smiley piercing

    This piercing that sits through the attached tissue of your upper lip can basically be kept hidden. You just have to be careful not to smile with your teeth bared, as this may cause your smiley face to appear.

    • Frowny piercing

    The opposite of the smiley piercing is the frowny one. So this is through the attached tissue at the bottom of the lip. This piercing is not visible at all, even when you smile or frown. Unless you pull the bottom lip down you can wear it with confidence with your strict boss.

    • Tongue piercing

    The tongue piercing is a tricky, inconspicuous piercing. In fact, it becomes difficult if you have to talk a lot for work, when it is just placed a person may lisp during the healing process. When it is fully healed, you can change the original piece of jewelry to a clear retainer if you want to go for complete invisibility. Considering this piercing is in your mouth, the chances of anyone noticing it are slim.

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