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    Beth, the tattoo model from Scotland

    Beth, the tattoo model from Edinburgh, Scotland, is huge fan of Neo Trad tattoos. She herself is full of such tattoos, set by very famous performers of this style. Not only is she working as a model, she is also a tattoo artist and loves to color Neo Trad on her clients’ skin.

    Beth had a tremendous love of drawing as a child. She was passionate about the art of tattoos and had her first tattoo done the day after she turned eighteen. It didn’t stop there, however; she soon knew she wanted to cover her entire body with the artwork. The model loves people and art, so she found the tattoo world the perfect confluence of these two lines. When she was twenty years old she got her apprenticeship to work as a tattoo artist herself, and when she turned twenty-one she really started tattooing. She has been doing this for the past four years.

    As a tattoo artist, she exclusively colors the neo-traditional style, mainly women’s faces. She uses her biggest artistic idols as inspiration, mainly Kat Abby, who has also done her back and butt.

    Beth may be full of beautiful and colorful tattoos, but she still has a clear favorite. Her favorite artist of all time, Sneaky Mitch, put a beautiful chest piece on her. She wanted to have a rabbit tattooed, because Beth has had rabbits all her life Further, she allowed Sneaky Mitch the freedom with the design. The tattoo he placed could not be more perfect, according to the model, and she is immensely proud that it is in such a prominent place. It is like her second sight.

    Although Beth is convinced that there are no pointless tattoos, 90 percent of her tattoos go no deeper than the fact that she liked the idea or artwork. She sees her tattoos as a reflection of her personality and taste. Making the decision to take ownership of your own body and color it with tattoos, she finds incredibly powerful. The more tattoos she gets on her body, the more she feels like herself. She herself is convinced she will never regret those feelings.

    Early next year, Beth will still have her armpits tattooed; these are her last big holes to be filled. Furthermore, she still wants to have all the small spaces left on her body filled and plans to have her entire stomach area redone.

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