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    No booze and cocaine, but pretty ladies and a cheering crowd. Just two years ago they made their debut at Belgian tattoo conventions and in the meantime they have become a
    notorious concept behind, in front of and in the wings. Through innovation and rock-solid collaborations, Daisy and Katrien will soon be able to continue creating in their dream project: the new headquarters “Den Backstage,” which should establish a total concept for fashion, tattoos and lifestyle. Meanwhile, they just party on at their battered stage Paintworkz in Mol, where they can be found personalizing fashion and own clothing brands. Those who like a drink and want to soak up the atmosphere should make their way to 188a St. Apollonial Avenue.


    For years, Paintworkz has been an exceptional phenomenon in the forest of textile companies, plagued by the Internet, who often can’t see the forest for the trees.
    But what the molt is to the birds, that’s what the unstoppable studio puts a nest before. Professionalism raises their crown above the rest: meticulous customization, the highest quality and first-class service.
    The modest studio is inexhaustibly committed to working out their clients’ finest wishes. Thus, they daily produce personalized t-shirts, sweaters and jackets whose quality lures the hearts of its wearers past their mushroom again. Just as gnomes are known for their diligence, the company’s oiled dtg printer, printing press and embroidery machine never falls silent. Together, the machines already created a havoc of some tens of thousands of pieces of textiles, which in unison tell a nine-year legend. These fabulous creatures just can’t get enough. And they want to celebrate that.


    “When I put the first wheel on the cart, my focus was more on airbrush, stickering and vehicle repairs.” Back then, the Paintworkz name was still relevant, but the company’s goals have since changed. They lost their hearts to style, the craft of clothing and want to light the next wicks with their fire shooting torch. It looks like alternates will soon be able to go wild in an unbreakable fortress of fashion, body modification, beauty and…. party? Stowaways are dropped into unseen shopping comforts and sprinkled with endearing nonchalance and sympathy from the inspirers. “A year ago, Rotten Knight moved in as a tattoo artist, creating an interaction from which we each benefit greatly. It’s glorious to see each other grow as entrepreneurs.”
    Welcoming a piercer, barber and leatherworker, they further exploit this potential of collaboration. Delicious! One address for alternative clothing, tattoos, piercings, haircuts and good vibes. So you can look exactly how you feel about yourself. “We are cornered people ourselves, so we especially want to continue to represent those interests.” Stiffened by their spontaneity and enthusiasm as they tell us about their concept. With broad smiles and slyly, they stuff us with an invitation to the ultimate party, which will replace the traditional store opening and usher in a series of raves. The body and beauty studio “Den Backstage” already promises to be a success.


    The studio previously showed off their coolest tricks in Dennis Black Magic’s BLACK. line and Zillion’s glitzy clothing line. But the ladies love to fantasize and their passion to create resulted irresistibly in the challenging clothing brand STAGED. This time they are really pulling out all the stops and combining gigantic amounts of creativity, charisma and reckless courage to be an alternative in a one-sided fashion market. With a concept like tattoos on textiles, at first glance it seems like a variation of American Sullen clothing. But with their originality and expertise, the girls challenge the brand! For the earliest tattoo designs, they skate along with the craziest international tattoo artists: T-Paint Tattoo, Janssen & Janssen, Inkursion, United Scum, Rotteridder, JellexWolf, Pink Flamingo, Sabbe Sablon and Black Swan Tattoo make a solid foundation for this fertile pie. Burning ships, black panthers and delicate roses are immortalized not only on skin, but also on t-shirts and – remarkably – grave biker jackets. “We sit with our noses in clothes every day, and in the meantime we know where we are buying quality,” says Dr. K., the company’s CEO. And that’s the product’s most striking asset: you just can’t (continue to) break one of these things. We’re already keeping an eye on their socials to get the latest designs.


    The realization of the Den Backstage project is currently in its boarding boots, but we like to shiver in the front row. Slipping a subtle glance along their playlist to
    discover some planned new features. First, they want to anchor by redirecting the entire store layout for future fellow pirates. Now that the property is being cleaned out, it is an ideal time to brighten everything up and make it attractively uncluttered. Once we build out the infrastructure, the next island will soon be staffed by a leather worker and a piercer. Meanwhile, our binoculars are still fully focused on a collaboration with a barber and tinkering behind the sails on a revamped website. Among other things, the latter will have to catalog the new drops, improve browsing convenience and display a collection of the most unique pieces. So raise the bottle of rum for Den Backstage! “We are working together to create a place that feels like coming home.” Land in sight – welcome to this safe haven for lost souls.

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