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    Ahmet Cambaz

    private studio ‘Flap Ink’

    In what ways is the world of tattoos intertwined with cartoons? For Ahmet Cambaz, the connection between the two is undeniable – they form a unique fusion! Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, Ahmet is a young and talented tattoo artist. Interestingly, his artistic journey began as a cartoonist, and only after seven years did he decide to pursue a career in tattooing.

    Despite this shift, his love for cartoons remains deeply rooted and it significantly influences his tattooing style, characterized by cute, minimalist and vibrant designs. Ahmet attributes the success of this delightful combination to the techniques he acquired during his time as a cartoonist. His keen ability to listen attentively to people’s wishes also plays a crucial role. This allows him to skillfully transform their aspirations into captivating tattoos, infusing them with his personal, creative flair. The result is a harmonious fusion of cartoon aesthetics with the art of tattoos.

    A pioneer in the art of cartoon tattoos, Ahmet Cambaz has proven that sometimes less can indeed be more. With his own style, he can tell a story and leave a lasting impression on the skin and in the hearts of his clients.

    Latest Posts


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