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    Why TikToker Jazzmyn Wollfe tattooed himself with a picture of lawyer Camille Vasquez

    A TikTok video of barely 10 seconds has been viewed more than 1 million times. In the clip, Jazzmyn Wollfe, a 27-year-old singer and songwriter from Canada, shows how she gives herself a tattoo depicting the lawyer who defended Johnny Depp.

    Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard in 2019 for defamation after Amber Heard claimed in her 2018 Washington Post opinion piece that her ex Johnny Depp abused her during their relationship.

    These accusations hurt Depp’s career, so he was fired from Disney. This prompted Johnny to sue Amber for a $50 million claim. Amber then filed a counterclaim for $100 million. The trial began in April 2022, here both Heard and Depp claimed to be victims of domestic violence.

    Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s attorney, received enormous media and social media attention during the 6-week trial that took place between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Rumors circulated that the lawyer was in a relationship with her client Johnny, but this was quickly denied by Depp’s spokesman.

    Jazzmyn revealed that she chose the image of Vasquez after seeing the cross-examination Camille gave to Heard. She was so impressed with the lawyer. Jazzmyn was tremendously surprised at the confidence Camille maintained the entire time. How she pursued justice and tried to shed light on the mistreatment of someone she actually believed had been abused.

    The TikToker thought it was great to see someone noting that men too can be victims of abuse within a relationship and trying to bring justice to this unjust situation.

    Wollfe herself had just come out of an abusive relationship and wanted a tattoo that served as a symbol of strength. For this, she chose Camille Vasquez during the cross-examination to which she subjected Amber Heard with the words objection below. She put this tattoo on herself using the stick and poke technique.

    Jazzmyn received both many positive and negative reactions. Amber Heard’s supporters felt that Wollfe was advocating abuse by getting the tattoo. They do not believe a man can be a victim of domestic violence and side with Heard.


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