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    Body modification: who would do this?

    People have been customizing their bodies for thousands of years, the oldest tattoos ever found on a man named Otzi. A mummified man who died about 5,300 years ago. He had a total of 61 tattoos; these had been applied by cutting open the skin and rubbing charcoal dust into it.

    The world around tattoos and modifications has become a real trend. Below we discuss some people who have gone very far in modification and why they made these changes to their bodies.

    Most tattooed man

    Lucky Diamond Rich has 100% tattoo coverage, making him the most tattooed man in the world. He was born in New Zealand, but has Aboriginal Australian ancestry.

    Lucky got his first tattoo at age 16, his second at age 18 and by age 28, his body was completely covered in colorful tattoos. Not wanting to stop there, however, he decided to cover his body completely with black ink. This includes his eyelids, membranes between the toes and gums.

    It all started because Lucky wanted to get tattooed by some amazing artists around the world. He gave them a body part and left the artists completely in charge of what they put on it. In the end, there was simply no body part left to be covered in ink.

    The most tattooed man experiences several criticisms. Some people loathe him, but then again others are total fans. The reactions cannot be predicted. Lucky doesn’t care much about the bad reactions, however; he travels around the world and enjoys his life.

    Most body modifications (male)

    With 516 body modifications, Germany’s Rolf Buchholz is the proud holder of this record. He won this title in 2012 and to this day remains the title holder of man with the most body modifications. He discovered the piercing world in 1999 and was fascinated by it, going further and further in changing his appearance.

    Rolf has a total of 481 piercings, 278 of which are in his genitals. He also has 35 implants, including his horns on his forehead and magnetic implants in each fingertip of his right hand.

    Although he also has a genital cleft, it was not counted toward the record total; his tongue clefts were. He is also 90% covered in tattoos, but these were as well as not counted for this record.

    On one occasion, he was turned away at the Dubai airport because of his outspoken appearance. He was booked in Dubai at a convention, but never got there because the country’s airport did not allow the man.

    Most tattooed seniors

    The most tattooed senior citizen according to the Guiness book of records is couple Charlotte Guttenberg and her partner Chuck Helmke, both from the United States.

    Charlotte is not only the most tattooed senior citizen, in fact, she is the most tattooed woman. 98.75% of her body is covered in tattoos. Her partner Chuck is 97.5% covered in tattoos. Chuck also holds the title of another record, that of most tattooed skulls on a body.

    Together, the couple spent nearly 2,000 hours on tattoo chairs. Despite both being covered from head to toe in tattoos, they claim not to notice the tattoos themselves on each other.

    Charlotte and Chuck love to be themselves and share this message with others. Be yourself and express yourself as you see fit, what is the worst thing that can happen?

    Most body modifications (female)

    Maria José Cristerna, also known as “The vampire woman” or “The Jaguar woman,” has the most body modifications to her credit. She hails from Mexico and has undergone no less than 49 body modifications.

    Many of these modifications are transdermal implants on her forehead, chest and arms. She also has multiple piercings in her eyebrows, lips, nose, tongue, earlobes, nipples and navel.

    For Maria, modifying her body is part of a process of coping. The modifications represent the courage and strength she found after enduring domestic violence in her first marriage. She has all implants placed without anesthesia to symbolize this.

    The woman traded her job as a lawyer for her own tattoo studio and clothing business.

    Most meat tunnels in the face

    Hailing from the United Kingdom, James Goss earned the title of most meat tunnels (stretches) with 14. The “tunnels” are between 3mm and 18mm in diameter.

    He was inspired by the previous record holder, who had 11 meat tunnels. James realized that he himself had more piercings in his face; he just needed to stretch them out.

    For James, modifying his body is part of becoming more himself. According to him, he is more himself now than before the modifications. Accordingly, he plans to continue his modification journey.

    Most piercings in your life

    Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian woman got her first piercing in 1997. This was the start of a rather extreme addiction. She has more piercings than anyone else in recorded history.

    In total, the woman was pierced 4,225 times from 1997 to 2006. Almost every part of her body is pierced. She has many piercings in her forehead, chin, breasts, hands and her internal and external pubic area.

    Elaine enjoys matching jewelry with matching makeup and hair dye. She also changes the jewelry often to change her look.

    People who engage in modification often consider it a form of self-expression. They are not different from other people, they just look a little different.

    Their modified lifestyle is inspiring, they show everyone that you should not be afraid to express yourself to the outside world and just do what makes you happy.

    Fortunately, we are increasingly living in a world where modification, tattoos and piercings are more accepted.

    Source image Maria José Cristerna

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