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    DIY piercings and tattoos

    You see it more and more these days, young people who have tattoos and piercings that have not been set by a professional. On TikTok, masses of videos are popping up about young people getting a new piercing using a piercing kit that you can obtain on sites such as Shein, among others. The Stick-and-Poke tattoo is also back in fashion. However, these DIY tattoos and piercings are not without danger.

    The phenomenon started throughout the corona crisis, tattoo and piercing shops closed and appointments were rescheduled. Among young people, impatience arose; it is natural to be disappointed when you have to wait so long for your tattoo or piercing that you are so greatly looking forward to. As a result, they took matters into their own hands; they had a friend do the tattoo using the stick-and-poke technique and used a kit to stick a piercing.

    Young people especially see many advantages in it, it is a cheaper alternative and they keep a nice memory. After all, that one friend who got your tattoo done in his garage won’t soon forget you. It gives a sense of connection.

    You would think the trend would end now that the shops are open again, but nothing could be further from the truth. Prices for a tattoo or piercing have risen because of the corona crisis. Young people do not have much desire to pay a lot of money for a tattoo or piercing, so they still go for the cheaper option.

    It may be a fine memory that tattoo put on by your friend, yet it carries dangers. It is often not done very hygienically, so bacteria can get into your tattoo wound and cause an infection. Also, while professionals are trained on how to properly place and set a piercing or tattoo, your friend or yourself are not. When the tattoo/piercing is set the wrong way you create a scar.

    Always think twice before starting a DIY tattoo or piercing. Before you know it, you’ll be left with a stain that no one can tell what was depicted on your tattoo, you’ll have a scar, or you’ll get sick from an infection.

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