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    The life of zombie boy

    When it comes to tattoo modeling, few people are as well known as Rick Genest, better known as Zombie Boy. He was a Canadian artist and model known for his extremely tattooed body, which was completely covered with skeletal images and insects.

    Genest grew up in a small town in Quebec and became interested in tattoos and body modification at an early age. At the age of 16, he got his first tattoo and began transforming his body into a canvas for his creativity. He made a name for himself in the fashion world when he was discovered by Lady Gaga’s creative director, Nicola Formichetti, who cast him in the pop star’s “Born This Way” video.

    His striking appearance quickly made him famous and he quickly became an international icon for the tattoo and body modification community. He was portrayed in several magazines and was on the catwalk for several designers, including Mugler and Jay-Z’s Rocawear.

    Sadly, Rick Genest passed away in 2018 at the age of 32. His death was considered a suicide, although some claim it was an accident. His death was a shock to the global community of tattoo and body modification fans and is still mourned.

    Rick Genest was an unforgettable person with a unique look and an indelible influence on the fashion world. His contribution to the acceptance and popularity of tattoos and body modification cannot be underestimated. He will always be remembered as Zombie Boy and as one of the greatest icons of the tattoo and body modification community.

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