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    The magic of Disney tattoos

    Ever since Disney began as a small animation studio in 1923, everyone was enchanted by these magical films, the founders and brothers Roy and Walt Disney captured millions of hearts with their company. However, Walt’s first company Laugh O-Gram Studios was not exactly a success, as it went bankrupt. After the bankruptcy, Walt moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles near his brother to co-found The Disney Brothers Company, which we now know as The Walt Disney Company.

    For the first few years, Disney worked mostly for other companies that used their ideas about animation. Finally, in 1928, with the help of Ub Iwerks, they created a mouse named Mortimer. Walt’s wife, however, did not like the name Mortimer. The name was changed and Mickey Mouse was born. The film Steamboat Willie, in which Mickey Mouse was the main character, was Disney’s first animated film with sound.

    Thanks to Mickey Mouse, Disney raised enough money to begin work on a feature-length animated film. It took them three years to complete the film, but Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was finally released in 1937. This film elicited only rave reviews and the success of The Disney Brothers Company was unstoppable.

    In the year 1966, Walt Disney died of complications from his surgery after having his left lung removed due to advanced lung cancer. Despite his death, the company continued to grow tremendously, and in 1986 the company name was officially changed to The Walt Disney Company.

    History of Disney tattoos

    Disney made the most iconic movies of all time, and as it goes with all popular things, tattoos were therefore quickly designed with fun Disney characters. Not only did the company grow in popularity, Disney tattoos became a real trend. Thus one immediately notices how many people the brothers Roy and Walt have touched with their magical creations.

    There are so many possibilities that a Disney Tattoo entails. You can have a single character placed, the Disney Castle, a whole group of characters, the logo, … Whatever you decide to have placed, no one will question the meaning of your tattoo. Everyone recognizes Disney anywhere and everywhere.

    Of course, given the popularity of Disney tattoos, people often ask the question of whether you can have tattoos as an employee of this company. The answer is yes, Disney may have an innocent and clean image, but tattoos are not a taboo there. Only offensive tattoos are not allowed in the public eye.

    Generally, these tattoos just mean that the person getting them done loves Disney Magic and is enchanted by the movies. Depending on the design, Disney tattoos can have a deeper meaning, but that is up to the person who has them designed. When one chooses a Mickey Mouse tattoo, it is often a tribute to The Walt Disney Company. Without Mickey Mouse, Disney would never have gotten this far; this character was the beginning of the success of Disney magic.

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