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    Patch tattoos amaze everyone

    Embroidered patch tattoos are a trend that is really catching on in tattoo circles these days. Some are set with such attention to detail that it looks like a band-aid sewn onto the skin. To achieve this effect, one spends between two and six hours in the tattoo chair.

    A patch tattoo is a small piece of art on your skin, it’s like real embroidery on it. Artists achieve this effect through a construction of individual stitches that are captured with the tattoo gun. By drawing a shadow around the tattoo, they create the 3D effect around the patch.

    The pioneer of this concept is a tattoo artist named Eduardo Lozano, born in Brazil. He came up with the idea to create a tattoo resembling a patch in 2019. In doing so, he spent a lot of time figuring out how to best execute this tattoo so that this tattoo would look just like a real patch. You can recognize his work by the loose threads he draws with each patch tattoo.

    After Eduardo, many artists around the world followed his idea. Similarly, Min Zumi, from Australia, has become a well-known patch artist. He uses advanced equipment and non-toxic ink to create these tattoos to achieve the desired effect. He is also very insistent on safety, always sterilizing his equipment with hospital-grade methods.

    If one is thinking of getting a patch tattoo themselves, researching about the right artist is hugely important. It is a type of tattoo that is not for every artist.

    Source image Devian art

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