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    More and more tattoo shops are going vegan

    More and more people are changing their lifestyle and going vegan, choosing to live free of animal products. However, what people often do not know is that the tattoo process in a tattoo shop is not completely without animal products. In fact, there are often animal products in tattoo ink, equipment and aftercare products. However, more and more tattoo shops are going along with veganism.

    Although many inks in use are already free of animal products, there are still inks with ingredients derived from animals on the market. Glycerin, which is derived from animal fats, is often used as a stabilizer. Some black inks also contain impact carbon to increase pigment.

    The biggest problem, however, comes from the equipment and aftercare products that come with the tattoo process. For example, stencil paper is often made from a product derived from sheep’s wool, namely lanolin. Many aftercare products and even a shop’s disposable razors are not vegan, again they often contain glycerin.

    Balms used in tattoo shops often contain lanolin or beeswax. Don’t worry, there are many animal-friendly alternatives here, too. Fortunately, these vegan options are easily accessible and affordable.

    Worldwide, vegan tattoo artists and studios are increasingly popping up. There are a number of shops specifically committed to going completely vegan, from hand soap to ink. They work only with products and equipment that are free of animal products.

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