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    10 sore spots for tattooing

    Those who want to be beautiful must suffer pain. It is no different when one wants to get a tattoo. Having a tattoo placed hurts; depending on where you want the tattoo, you are going to experience more or less pain. So it is very important to think not only about the design, but also about the area where you want this design put. Below we discuss the 10 places on the body that are generally considered the most painful.

    1. Breastbone

    Not only is the sternum a painful place because there is little fat here and the vibrations almost directly hit the leg, but this place is also painful because the area extends to the stomach region. This causes the vibration of the needle to extend further downward, causing an unpleasant sensation.

    2. Inner arm

    On the inside of the arm, the thin skin at this location is the culprit of pain. Because the skin here is so thin, the nerves will respond immediately to every poke of the needle. When you get a tattoo here, it will feel a bit like a scratchy burn. Not ideal if your pain threshold is on the low side.

    3. Hands

    The hands are filled with ligaments, this fact alone is a reason that you can experience tremendous pain when having a tattoo placed in this place. On top of that, the skin on your hands is wafer thin. Especially when they start tattooing on the knuckles you are going to have to grit your teeth.

    4. Ribs

    The ribs are an area that most people who have a tattoo here complain about. The skin here is very thin and the bones are so spread out that it leaves grooves with alternating bone and skin. Between these grooves, the needles graze as the value, which is perceived as extremely painful. In most cases, one needs regular breaks during a rib session.

    5. Chest

    The chest is somewhat similar to the sternum; there is little fat in this area. This causes the vibrations of the needle to hit the bone region directly. So unless you work tremendously hard on your chest muscles and they dampen the painful vibrations, you will face a painful session.

    6. Elbow

    This place is not only painful, but also very inconvenient. To get the ink well into the elbow skin, you will have to wring your arm in all directions and curves. Once the tattoo is placed, your elbow will begin to swell like crazy, anything but pleasant.

    7. Feet

    In the beginning, the feet will be doable and you will be able to manage the pain easily, but as the session follows, this will begin to disappoint. Especially toward the tips of your foot you will experience some pain. If you can’t stand the pain well, definitely don’t venture into this place with a lot of shadows and markings.

    8. Armpit

    This is an area on the body that is really not pleasant to get tattooed, normally this speaks for itself. The skin here is so thin, when the needle goes to work here it causes a razor burn times ten. If one wants a tattoo in this place, it is better to think twice before going ahead with it.

    9. Back of the knee

    The knees by themselves are already not a pleasant place to get a tattoo, here the back of it is also very painful. The lack of muscle and thin skin in this area makes for an extremely painful feeling, you definitely need a certain resistance to pain for this.

    10. Head

    Although many people claim that your skull is a less painful place than people think, it is still an area not to be underestimated in terms of pain. The tattoo needles vibrate and stab repeatedly into your head, so it is not very pleasant. With this, then, expect an uncomfortable session.

    Although these areas are described as the most painful to get a tattoo, you certainly shouldn’t be put off. A tattoo is always a little painful, but you get a beautiful work of art on your body in return. So the pain is well worth the effort and you are soon forgotten afterwards.

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