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At Inkjunx you can easily find a whole range of different tattoo styles: from interesting articles about the different types of tattoo styles, to tattoo models with a unique tattoo style, and from artists with a specific tattoo design to their own tattoo genre. Discover all the different types of tattoo styles on our website, in our magazine or at our tattoo fair.

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Historical tattoo styles

Of the thousands of different types of tattoo styles, many are based on ancient historical tattoos. Of course, there are no rules when choosing a tattoo style, design or genre, but of course you can always find inspiration. These tattoo styles have been around the longest and do not lose their charm. Some of the best known historical tattoo styles are portraits, stick-and-poke tattoos and realism. Discover all the different types of tattoo styles in our article.

Tattoo style, design or genre denied?

A tattoo is a true work of art, which is a million different types of styles can be put. Both as a client, and as an artist, you usually have a preference in terms of tattoo style, genre or design. Did you know that some artists even refuse certain tattoos? A tattoo on your inner lip, your partner’s name or the work of another tattoo artist are just a few examples. Wondering what’s the reason behind that? Read it in our in-depth article.

Disney tattoo style

It is sometimes said that Disney made the most iconic movies ever, and as it goes with popular things, a tattoo style was quickly developed with the cutest Disney characters. Probably what appeals to people most about this tattoo genre is that there are an enormous number of possibilities. Another advantage to this tattoo style: you will never have to explain the meaning because everyone knows Disney.

Ashes in your tattoo design

A tattoo design to commemorate a deceased person has been around for a long time. This is usually done in the form of a name or portrait, but today there is a third way. Not just any tattoo genre, as the ashes of the deceased person are incorporated into the ink. That way you always carry the deceased with you in an original tattoo style. In our article you will read how exactly this works and what conditions are associated with this tattoo style.

The stories of our models

You will also find a huge variety of tattoo styles among our tattoo models. For example, Beth, the tattoo model from Scotland is huge fan the Neo-trad tattoo style. In fact, as a tattoo artist, this is the only style she places on her clients. Model Brooke Candy also learned to tattoo, and tested it on herself first. She learned to draw a tattoo design, then practiced on herself or her friend. Finally, Kate Hellenbrand, the godmother of tattooing also had a favorite tattoo style. She became a true icon because she was one of the few women to gain entry into the tattoo world.

Discover the different styles at our exhibition

Want to know even more about all the different types of tattoo styles? Besides an extensive website and an annual magazine, we also have a convention where you are very welcome to discover new tattoo styles. Buy your tickets or register as an artist and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of our tattoo convention. Do you have any questions for us? Then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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