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Inkjunx is the Belgian online and offline tattoo platform, with an annual magazine as well as a tattoo fair. With us you can find all the news from the tattoo world, interesting articles, inspiring tattoos and much more. Are you a big tattoo fan yourself or just want to know more about the tattoo milieu? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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On our online platform you will discover all about:

In our magazine you will find mostly interesting articles and stylish photography, wrapped in an attractive layout. At our tattoo expo, you can then visit different pierce or tattoo artists, as well as a few different brands representing their products. As icing on the cake, of course, we also provide the necessary entertainment.

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On our online platform you can constantly find the latest tattoo news. We regularly supplement this with new articles and interesting content, so that we keep inspiring and informing you. Also be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can always stay informed. Inkjunx is the platform for Belgian tattoo enthusiasts or those interested. You can find our magazine in quite a few distribution points, and tickets to our fair can easily be purchased online.

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