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Inkjunx is not only an online tattoo magazine, but also the largest Belgian tattoo and piercing magazine on paper. In our magazine you will discover everything related to tattoo and body art. Once a year you will find this stylish tattoo magazine at one of the many distribution points, and completely free of charge. You can safely call our tattoo magazine a collector’s item.

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What’s in our tattoo magazine?

Several interesting articles about the tattoo & piercing world appear in our magazine. From interesting lifestyle articles to some historical tattoo styles and from eyelid tattoos to body modification. You will also find a huge amount of stylish (tattoo) photography in our magazine. All this is put together in a trendy layout that we call our tattoo magazine. We look for the latest trends in the tattoo & piercing milieu and keep you informed in our magazine.

Tell your own story in our tattoo magazine

Perhaps you yourself have an interesting story to tell that you would like to share with us. For example, have you fully immersed yourself in the tattoo lifestyle? Are you a tattoo artist with a unique style? Or maybe you are a tattoo model yourself? Tell us and who knows, maybe your story will be in the next edition of our tattoo & piercing magazine, or on our online platform.

Discover more than our magazine

Of course, you won’t only find our articles in our tattoo & piercing magazine. You will also find a huge number of interesting articles in our online magazine, and much more than that. Are you just starting out as a tattoo artist and still looking for clients? Then we definitely recommend our tattoo fair in Mechelen, but you can also always tell us your story and who knows, it might appear in our magazine. Our convention is also highly recommended as a visitor. Buy your tickets easily online.

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