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At Inkjunx, we gather the latest news on some well-known tattoo models. We look for people who stand out and tell their stories. Are you curious how these people got to where they are today and how they got into the tattoo world? We find out for you and compile some stories of tattoo models on our online platform.

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Get to know the most famous tattoo models better

You’ll read plenty about ordinary models in the media, but in our online magazine we’re going to look for a tattoo model with an interesting story especially for you. We’ll give you some general background information, explore some of the facts from their youth, and delve deeper into their love of tattoos and what they are doing with their lives now as tattoo models. Our models come from all over the world and have different tattoo styles. So no two tattoo models have the same story. What they do all have in common is their tattoo lifestyle and their love for all things tattoo related.

Discover their stories

From the extreme cases like Black Alien to model Beth’s Neo-trad tattoos. By the way, you won’t find the stories of tattoo models only on our online platform. You can also read all about it in our tattoo magazine. Do you happen to be curious about the tattoos of Belgian tattoo model Femke Verstraeten? Or would you rather read the life story of the American godmother of tattooing? You can find it all at Inkjunx, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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