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At Inkjunx, among all our articles and photos, you can easily and quickly find new tattoo ideas. Get inspired by the tattoos of our models or the stylish photos in our magazine. Our online magazine features the most diverse styles, by the most diverse artists. Something for everyone, so the chances of finding a design that suits you are quite high.

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Find new tattoo ideas on our site or in our magazine

On our online platform you will find more than enough inspiration for a new tattoo. From the types of designs that artists don’t like to put (maybe not that recommended), to some popular historical tattoo styles. Who knows, you might be a fan of Disney tattoos and find design on our site that you like. In short, a quick scroll and you are instantly inspired.

Find your new design

You will not only find inspiration online, you can also find new tattoo ideas in our tattoo magazine. Here we collect the latest tattoo trends especially for you. Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you are always the first to know. Finally, you can also visit our tattoo expo for new ideas, which you can even have performed directly by one of the featured artists. Tickets can easily be purchased online.

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