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Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy: Celebrity Creating Magic Ink

Celebrity tattoo artists – few names carry as much respect and admiration as Bang Bang. Famous for his exceptional skill and innovative techniques, Bang Bang has earned a reputation as the go-to tattoo artist for A-listers seeking to adorn their bodies with stunning and meaningful ink. However, it’s not just his ability to create beautiful tattoos that sets him apart – it’s his groundbreaking work with Magic Ink that’s truly capturing the attention of the tattoo world.

Bang Bang revealed the secrets behind his revolutionary Magic Ink, a groundbreaking innovation that allows you to turn on and off tattoos with light. “Magic Ink is a safe, biocompatible tattoo ink that you can control using different lights,” New York City-based Bang Bang says. “That is the simplest way to put it. It’s made with medical-grade polymers, and once you’ve been tattooed, you can turn the ink on and off with a light.”


But how exactly does Magic Ink work?

In brief, Magic Ink, currently available only in red, activates upon exposure to light after it’s been tattooed into the skin. This activation and deactivation process is controlled by UV light, specifically tailored to ensure skin safety, thanks to the collaboration with scientists and dermatologists. Bang Bang explains that determining the precise wavelength of UV light was crucial, as it affects the speed of the reaction. The aim was to avoid prolonged exposure that might harm the skin. Instead, the process resembles a magic trick: on and off. To clarify, one wavelength of UV light interacts with the ink to render it visible, while another wavelength causes it to vanish. A provided light pen allows users to activate and deactivate the tattoo.

Why red?Bang Bang, who also has studio named “Bang Bang” in New York City, opted to introduce Magic Ink in red initially. He viewed red as the ideal complement to black ink, aiming for a symbiotic relationship between the two. “It was about marrying Magic Ink to standard tattoo ink, and I think red does it best, so that’s why I picked it,” he explains. However, he emphasizes that Magic Ink can also be used independently of traditional tattoo inks, welcoming everyone to explore its possibilities.

While red was the starting point, Bang Bang and his team did not stop there. They are currently experimenting with blue ink (Bang Bang himself sports a blue Magic Ink tattoo), with plans to introduce yellow next. Once the primary colors are in place, the innovation potential becomes limitless.

“We made a bunch of batches that were terrible,” Bang Bang reflects on the color development process. “Some didn’t work well in the skin, some weren’t compatible with our tattoo needles, or were just difficult to apply without causing damage. I probably have 50 of these in varying formulas tattooed on me, as do the other founders, until we found one that felt and behaved like tattoo ink.”


How safe is it?Bang Bang highlights the exceptional safety of Magic Ink, asserting that it is among the safest tattoo inks available. Made with medical grade polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), the same polymer used in dermal fillers, Magic Ink is srticly regulated. The ink is sealed within these polymers, ensuring stability, and minimizing the risk of migration under the skin, a common issue with standard tattoo ink. According to Bang Bang, Magic Ink’s composition and meticulous testing process, overseen by a board-certified dermatologist, have resulted in every tattoo being deemed safe, successful, and effective.

Where can I get this tattoo and how much does it cost?

Bang Bang and his team were among the first to offer Magic Ink tattoos, but artists worldwide are now being trained to use the ink. As it functions similarly to standard tattoo ink, it is expected to gain popularity. However, the team behind Magic Ink is committed to ensuring that all artists are fully versed in its application before they begin tattooing with it.

Bang Bang mentions that about 15 countries are represented in the initial phase of artists undergoing training to use Magic Ink. To find an artist offering Magic Ink tattoos, visit their website. Prices will vary depending on the artist.

Bang Bang, whose elite clientele in New York includes celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, and many others – recently tattooing Dua Lipa on Late Night with Seth Meyers – has already completed numerous Magic Ink tattoos, even before the official announcement. He looks forward to further advancements in modern tattooing and the creative possibilities that lie ahead.

He’s excited about future developments in modern tattooing and the creative opportunities that he expects..

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