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At Inkjunx you can find all the tattoo & piercing news, from Belgium and the rest of the world. Besides all possible tattoo news, we also offer interesting articles on piercings and are here for all your questions on this subject. Thinking about getting a (new) piercing? Or are you looking for some tips & tricks? You’ll find it all on our online platform.

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Inkjunx is more than just an online platform. In fact, we also have Belgium’s largest tattoo & piercing magazine. Here you will find the most interesting articles and stories about everything related to tattoos and piercings, packaged in a trendy layout with stylish photos. Stories of the most famous tattoo models, the latest news from the tattoo & piercing industry and some lifestyle articles, you will find them once a year in our free magazine. Beyond that, of course, you can constantly go online for recent updates and content.

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In addition to our online platform, you can also visit our tattoo convention. With experience and lifestyle at the center, we make sure everyone feels welcome here. Whether you’re looking for tattoo & piercing inspiration, want to get a new tattoo right away, or are just curious about the environment, it’s all possible. Buy your tickets Also be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay up to date on all the news

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