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Have an idea of the design of your new tattoo, but haven’t found an artist to put it on yet? At Inkjunx you will find the inspiration and information you need. Or maybe you are a tattoo artist yourself, looking for information to specialize even more? You can come to us for that, too.

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You are a tattoo artist yourself

As an artist, you’re never done learning about tattoos, how to set them and all the new things in the tattoo world. Do you have questions about the new EU regulations? Or would you like to know more about vegan tattoos? Might you want to look into tattooing with ashes? You can find it all in our online magazine Inkjunx or in our annual hard copy magazine. You can also get inspiration from us, to test out new designs yourself. Would you like to participate in our fair as a tattoo artist? Discover the possibilities in our brochure.

Find the right artist for you

 On our online platform and in our magazine you will find the necessary information in terms of tattoo artists and tattoo art. Or maybe you prefer to see a tattoo artist at work at our expo before you decide who gets to place your new design? It’s all possible. Get your tickets today. Do you have any questions about the fair or other issues? Contact usand we will help you as soon as possible.

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