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Tattoo art includes everything from idea to design, and artist to style. At Inkjunx you will find it all, both online and in our magazine, and as icing on the cake you can also visit our tattoo fair. And that’s not all. Other body art, in the form of piercings, can also be found with us. Browse through our (online) magazine and find out which tattoo art you love.

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Find the tattoo or body art that suits you

On our site you will find a huge number of examples in terms of tattoo & body art. With our tattoo models, for example, you can read more about what their tattoos mean to them and discover some different styles. But you can also get inspiration from the different artists about which tattoo art you want to put on your body. Under piercings you will find other forms of body art. You will also find different forms of tattoo art in our magazine that we publish once a year.

Come visit our expo

Did you find what you were looking for, or are you still not completely convinced? For both art forms, you are welcome to come to our fair, and hopefully find the art or tattoo style that suits you. Or maybe you’ll even be convinced to get a new tattoo or piercing on the spot from one of the many talented artists. Buy your tickets online and hopefully we’ll see you there! Also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and always stay up to date with all the interesting tattoo news.

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