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    Underboob tattoos, everything you need to know

    The term “Underboob tattoo” is no longer an unknown, tattoos under the breasts are becoming increasingly popular. If you take the term literally, the tattoos only come just below the breasts, but in a broader term, all tattoos around the breastbone belong to underboob tattoos. This type of tattoo can vary greatly in size and design. One can have a large work of art tattooed under and around the breasts, or it can be more discreet with a small text or flower.

    The price of an underboob tattoo is difficult to determine; it depends on the type of design one desires. In general, this tattoo is slightly more expensive because it is not an easy place to tattoo for the artist, this because the skin around the sternum is extremely thin. For this, it is important to look for a good tattoo artist who knows what one is doing. If the artist pricks a little too deep with the needle, it will create a kind of stain under your breasts, which is something you obviously want to avoid.

    Because the skin around the breasts is so thin, getting a tattoo on this area hurts. It is a place known for its sensitivity, so if you decide to get a tattoo here it is best to be well prepared. If necessary, bring something that can distract you during the underboob tattoo. This can be music or you can watch some Netflix while the tattoo artist goes to work. It is also best to eat something before the appointment so that you don’t experience faintness from the pain. Of course, not everyone experiences the same when getting a tattoo, it may well be unbearable for one person and barely bothered by the pain for another.

    When lying on the massage table to be tattooed, it is best to have a shirt or pull with a zipper on, it can be opened in the middle and cover you while still. This way, the artist can easily get to the area to be tattooed, but you don’t have to be completely bared on the table.

    The best time to get an underboob tattoo is in winter. During this period, you can put on wide sweaters, which causes less friction. During this season, the tattoo can heal nicely and you can go show it off on the beach in the summer.

    Once the tattoo is placed, one naturally wonders if a bra can still be worn. The bra creates friction against the tattoo, which can rub off the flakes before they are ready. This can cause substitution to occur, not what one wants. For this reason, it is recommended to wear a thong bikini for the first few days, it is less tight and thus causes less friction. When your tattoo no longer shows signs of flaking you can go back to wearing a regular bra.

    Belly sleepers should note that if they have chosen this tattoo, they should learn to sleep on their backs during the healing process. In fact, it may happen that the tattoo sticks to the sheets because of the wound fluid.

    Underboob tattoos must be cared for just as tattoos on other areas of the body. Cleanse about twice a day for the first two days and moisturize well with lotion for two weeks from then on. This will prevent your tattoo from fading and flaking. It is important to keep moisturizing your tattoo until all the flakes and scabs come off on their own.

    Source image Artur tattoo art

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