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    This is something you should absolutely avoid after a tattoo!

    Getting a tattoo can be very exciting. You look forward to it so hard, what you must not forget is to take good care of your tattoo once it is on your skin. People are quick to forget that a tattoo also carries a risk of infection. Below we quickly sum up what you should definitely pay attention to when you have a new tattoo.

    Avoids the sun

    We get that you want to immediately go on sale with your new work of art, but this is not always a good idea. The sun’s rays can cause your tattoo to fade. Especially when it is not yet fully healed you have to be careful, the sun causes the overall quality of the tattoo to diminish. So wait a little longer to lie on your lounger by the pool.

    Do not exercise

    We may not say it often, but stay home from the gym! A new tattoo is the perfect excuse to take a lazy break. In fact, you should not sweat extremely during the healing process; this can affect your design.

    Do not put on tight clothing

    Preferably wear loose clothing until your tattoo is healed. Tight clothing can cause friction, which can irritate the tattooed area and cause infection.

    Don’t start picking or scratching

    During the healing process, your new tattoo is bound to start itching and hurting. There will probably be flakes and scabs on it, this is normal. Absolutely avoid picking these scabs off, this will degrade the quality of your tattoo. Try to limit touch to just washing and grooming the tattoo.

    Wash your hands

    Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo. Dirty hands bring bacteria that can get into your tattoo and cause an infection.

    Do not take a bath

    Like swimming, it is not a smart plan to take a bath with a new tattoo. This is because when you are in water for an extended period of time, this can fade your tattoo or cause pieces to be missing. So trade in that bathtub for a shower soon.

    Do not use soap

    Do not wash your tattoo with soap; this can cause irritation. Also, try to keep the tattoo as dry as possible. If it does get wet, pat it dry with a clean towel.

    Do not use washcloths

    When you go to clean the tattoo, use only your hands for this purpose. Washcloths or something similar is going to damage your tattoo due to friction.

    Don’t go against your tattoo artist’s advice

    It goes without saying that it is best to listen to what your artist says. They are the professionals who know the business, so don’t do anything advised against by them.

    Be patient

    A tattoo does not heal on 1,2,3. The full healing process may take some time to finish, depending on size and design. So be patient and continue to provide good aftercare for your new artwork.

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