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    The story of Enrich Rabel

    Enrich Rabel, from Slovakia started tattooing at the age of 31. Before that, he had a very different career. Tattoos have always been a passion of his, and one day Enrich decided he had to give it a try. He received the first explanation of the do’s and dont’s from a friend who had worked as a tattoo artist for many years, and Enrich Rabel’s career had taken off.

    After some practice and trial and error, Enrich was able to work with some friends in a tattoo studio. After a year and a half of working in this studio, he received an offer from a friend to go to Portugal and work here. Since then, he has been working at the Piranha Tattoo Studio in Portugal. He also makes guest works in other studios a few times a year.

    Right now, Rabel is trying to perfect his black-gray work; there is something new he learns every day. The artist also draws tremendous inspiration from other artists, who are happy to give him additional advice.

    Also, the tattoo artist has begun to study color work; he would like to learn to understand colors better. Right now he has started painting, to learn it the best way he can. Enrich would like to get to the point where his color work is as good as his black-and-gray work.

    Enrich Rabel loves learning something new every time. This is why he finds the tattoo artist profession so interesting, there are endless possibilities in the profession and it never gets boring. It sometimes makes him sad when he doesn’t get everything tattooed on the skin he had in mind.

    Although the artist is happy in Portugal, he would like to return to Slovakia in the future. He is currently preparing a new tattoo studio in his hometown of Bratislava, where he may settle down with his future family in the future.

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