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    The meaning of a tattoo

    Everyone gives their own meaning to their tattoo. Some people just get a tattoo because they like the design of it, but sometimes there is a deeper meaning behind it. If you are curious about the meaning of tattoos, this article will definitely come in handy. Of course, not everyone with this type of tattoo will have the described meaning for his/her tattoo, but it can certainly be an indication.


    Among Japanese, the wolf is known as the “Great God.” They dedicate shrines to the wolf, which helps protect crops from boars and deer. According to Navajo myths, wolves are mystical creatures and believe these are essentially humans in disguise.

    Then, in Roman mythology, the wolf was responsible for saving the lives of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who were abandoned as babies.

    In the Bible, wolves are used to symbolize greed and destruction.

    So when one has a wolf tattooed, it symbolizes as true: dog, loyalty, greed and destruction.


    The whale is part of many folklore from different cultures. Inuit legend has it that when an Inuit deity found a beached whale on the beach, it brought the world order into disarray. Only when the whale had returned to the sea did the world order recover.

    There is also an East African legend in which the greedy King Sulemani learns humility through the help of the whale.

    So the meaning of a whale tattoo is as follows: ancestors and humility.


    Spider webs are a tool the spider uses to trap and confine their prey. So inmates often use this tattoo to represent the number of years they spent in prison. The number of rings on the web is then the number of years they spent in the cell and imprisoned.

    Spider web tattoos have the following meaning: prison and time.


    Jester, also known as a court jester, was first used in Europe as court entertainment. It is a figure seen as a joker, musician and juggler.

    This tattoo has as meaning: comedy and fools.


    Eagles are used as national symbols in many Eastern European countries, Mexico, India, Egypt, Armenia and, of course, the United States. In the Americas, the eagle and its feathers are important to Native Americans; they are seen as a source of strength.

    The meaning of the Adelaart tattoo is: nationalism and power.

    Celtic cross

    A Celtic cross is an amalgamation of the Christian cross and a pagan sun wheel. It symbolizes Celtic Christianity.

    This tattoo reflects: religion.


    Shiva is the chief god of Hinduism; he is the third member of a trinity: the creator, sustainer and destroyer. Shiva is the destroyer and possesses the power to destroy the entire universe. Shiva has many names and can take different forms. In his appearance as Panchanana (five-headed), he acts as a physician.

    The meaning of this Shiva tattoo is as follows: well-being and knowledge.


    Lions are known for their hunting prowess and ferocity. The animals are part of legends and myths around the world. In ancient Egypt, the lion was used as a god of war, as the lioness was known for her aggressive qualities and protection.

    In Hinduism, they have five primary forms of God, including Vishnu, who takes the form of half lion/half man.

    In China, you often see lions appearing as statues in front of imperial palaces for protection.

    A tattoo of a lion has the meaning of courage, strength and protection.

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