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    Temporary tattoos

    Tattoos are wildly popular, with more and more people taking or considering having a work of art placed on their skin. However, many are put off by the fact that such a tattoo stays on your body forever and many fear they will regret it. This is where a tattoo shop in New York has a solution these days; they put tattoos that disappear after a year.

    Ephemeral Tattoo is the name given to the tattoos with special ink on the market, as many as six years different tattoo artists worked together with chemical engineers and dermatologists on this ink. The team developed about fifty ink formulations and conducted about two hundred tests, all on their own bodies.

    It took a while, but the result is worth it. The right ink formula was developed and since March 2021, artists have been using it in their tattoo shops. Many question whether the ink is safe, but according to Ephemeral Tattoo, there is no reason to worry. They say the ink is 100% safe, using only products approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) for cosmetics and medical formulations. Also, the products in the new ink have been used for years by tattoo artists in a different formula.

    The secret of the ink is in its composition, which consists of biodegradable polymers. Your body can break down these particles, causing the ink to disappear into your skin. This is a slow process, leaving the tattoo visible on the skin for about a year.

    Exactly how long the tattoo remains visible on your skin depends on several factors. For example, it fades faster if you get in the sun with it often or if you are less meticulous about aftercare. In some, the tattoo fades after only five months; in others, it takes eight months. This fluctuates depending on where the tattoo was done and what the composition of your skin is, some skin types break down polymers faster than others.

    The tattoo disappearing is rising in popularity. Especially couples choose to have each other’s names tattooed with this ink, when they would break up the tattoo disappears along with their relationship. According to the tattoo artists who came up with the ink, it is also safer to get this type of tattoo. After all, someone’s style can change over the years, so why get a tattoo that will be on your body forever?

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