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    Tattoos and cooking? The perfect combination?

    In a TikTok post, chef Bryce Norblom showed off his tattoo. He explained that the two rings inked on his palm are meant to represent different sizes.

    The smaller inner ring is meant to give an idea of how much a “teaspoon” of something is, while the larger ring is meant to indicate how much you will get if your recipe calls for an amount worthy of a tablespoon.

    Bryce said, “Teaspoon, tablespoon, I always have it on hand.” Literal meaning, in other words.

    “I use this daily and actually in the professional kitchen as well when my cooks tell me ‘hey, you’re not measuring,’ I’m like ‘talk to the hand.'”

    And while the tattoo is certainly impressive and it’s clear to see how he got something out of it, many people were left confused as to why he didn’t just use a spoon.

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