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    Only doctors allowed to tattoo in Japan

    The Japanese tattoo style is on the rise and extremely popular. Still, it is not natural to practice the profession of tattooing in Japan. In fact, a court in Osaka has ruled that you can only tattoo if you hold a medical degree.

    As early as 2001, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare determined that tattooing is a medical profession. She decided this at the time because the needle punctures the skin and is considered a medical procedure. However, this is the first time the court has determined that someone is breaking the law when getting a tattoo without holding a medical degree.

    The case at issue in this case is that of Japanese tattoo artist Taiki Masuda. In the year 2015, police officers raided his tattoo store. At the time, he only had to pay a fine because he was working without a medical degree, but the artist decided to sue the police. Indeed, he felt that tattoos were an art form and not a medical procedure as determined by the government.

    According to Masuda’s lawyer, the plaintiffs’ claim goes against common sense and completely misses the mark. Indeed, it is also the case that the Japanese government has no authority at all to grant tattoo licenses, which contributes to tattoos falling into a gray area. As a result, no one knows exactly where they stand.

    For now, Masuda was fined 150,000 yen, about 1,100 euros. Since the help is getting from numerous organizations like save tattooing, it seems that he himself is not going to have to pay too much. However, the difficulties surrounding the tattooing will continue for some time, considering Masuda is appealing. So it will be months before Japanese tattoo artists without a medical degree get a ruling on practicing.

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