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    New trend: the freckle tattoo

    Freckles are a natural phenomenon, either you are born with them or you get them from the sun. They used to be seen as beauty flaws; today that is different. Now people find freckles charming, they provide a natural and unique look.

    Because freckles have been given the status of sweet and charming, many people who do not naturally have them have started getting them pigmented. This is a type of technique that can be compared to tattooing; it is both applied with a needle. The difference is that pigmentation involves working less deeply and using pigment instead of ink.

    People who naturally have freckles probably wonder why anyone would choose this permanent cosmetic solution to obtain freckles. The advantage of artificial freckles is that you can choose how many and where to have them done. Whereas with natural freckles, you probably have them in places you don’t want them. With pigmentation, you will never get 100% the natural look of innate freckles, but it adds a nice touch to your look.

    Putting artificial freckles is not a new thing; they have been painting moles on the face since ancient times. Consider the “beauty spot” above the lip.

    Pigmentation is a craft, which is why few tattoo artists are really good at it. There are also a few beauticians who can perform this technique. For a natural look, it is important that the freckles have different sizes and brightness. This is not easy and not everyone can set well.

    It is best to put a few freckles first and wait for this result, when you like it you can have freckles added. It is a process best done gradually.

    Since you cannot cover the face in foil, it is important to maintain good hygiene and avoid the sun, therefore it is best not to put freckles in the summer.

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