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    Influencer gets tattoo on her cat

    Elena Ivanickaya has drawn the ire of her followers. Ukrainian fitness enthusiast had a tattoo on her Sphynx cat. Her goal was for the creature to look as magnificent as herself.

    Elena’s cat now has a tattoo on its chest of a winged Anubis, an Egyptian god. The photo posted by the influencer shows the stunned cat being held while the tattoo artist is tattooing his chest.

    What the Ukrainian had not seen coming is the comments she has received over her. Although she saw no harm in the tattoo, her followers were not at all enthusiastic about it. These online massively accused her of animal cruelty.

    Many people find it outrageous to get a tattoo on an animal. So a lot of responses were that an animal is not a toy that you can do whatever you want with.

    According to Elena, however, there is no problem, she revealed in comments that the critter lives an extremely good life and is pampered hard. She herself also cited that castration of an animal, which is generally accepted by society, is a greater form of mistreatment and therefore she would never do this to her animal. She also consulted her veterinarian before getting the tattoo, he gave the green light and the tattoo was a reality.

    Ukraine’s largest animal rights organization “Uanimals,” meanwhile, also got on the boat with her and finds the woman’s action downright outrageous. They are convinced that the woman gave her cat the worst hours of his life by getting the tattoo.

    Meanwhile, a file has been opened with the police. These are going to investigate whether the woman did indeed mistreat her cat and will take action if so.

    Source image Care2 petitions

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