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    Free tattoo removal for job seekers

    Stichting Spijt van Tattoo is a foundation founded by a tattoo shop, has started a project in cooperation with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam to remove tattoos from people who have no money to do so.

    The foundation noticed that many people who regret their tattoos do not have the money to have them removed They wanted to do something about this and so the project was set up. With this project, they remove tattoos on the face, neck and hands for free from people who are job seekers.

    Eligibility for the project required meeting two conditions. Thus, one had to be a job seeker, of course, but also willing to collaborate on a documentary. The documentary being made about this project will be played in high schools. This is to show scholars the negative effects of certain tattoos, such as that it is difficult to find work with a face tattoo. Finally, participants must participate in a study of tattoos by Erasmus University culture professor Henri Beunders.

    After a call from the Regret of Tattoo Foundation, 117 participants reported wanting to participate. Treatments will continue for the next two years.

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