Friday, September 22, 2023

Would you like to participate in InkJunx?

InkJunx is not just another tattoo fair, as it is entirely about lifestyle, tattoos & piercings and the experience around it. The fair is all about innovation and creativity. In addition to tattoo/piercing artists and shops, trendy brands are also featured. In other words, InkJunx is an effective and efficient way to highlight the latest products and services to our interesting visitors. Trade shows are still the perfect opportunity for you as an exhibitor to show your best.

A tattoo fair has a certain vibe that is hard to explain. It triggers people, it inspires people, it interests people! Inkjunx is the ultimate opportunity for visibility on the one hand and on the other hand it brings sales, the 2 most important aspects to success!

A fun extra is the Social media Experience “SelfieJunx the Roadtrip” with spectacular scenery that visitors can also visit in conjunction with Inkjunx. The combination of a tattoo and lifestyle fair makes InkJunx an excellent opportunity to connect with your potential customers.

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Would you like to participate in Inkjunx?