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    Everything you need to know about eyelid tattoos

    Our eyelids are there to protect us, they are a very essential body part. The semi-autonomous mechanisms supply our eyes with moisture, protect our eyes from debris and danger, ensure that we sleep comfortably, give us the option to avoid the unsavory, and offer us numerous other favors. Without our eyelids, our corneas would dry out and shrivel up like a raisin. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more tattooed eyelids.

    Despite being very functional, eyelids are also enormously delicate. The eyelid skin is the thinnest of the body, this would make you think that this is not a good combination with a tattoo machine. When tattooing an eyelid, one cannot approach it in the same way as other places on the body. The process requires a certain finesse.

    Often a tattoo artist chooses to tattoo eyelids by hand. In this way, they can better control their strength and tenderness. Not only is the fragility of an eyelid a factor that makes it difficult to tattoo, for example, it is also not easy to stretch an eyelid and is prone to blowouts.

    Although everyone’s pain threshold is different, it is a factual fact that eyelids are a pretty painful place to get tattooed. Three major cranial nerves regulate the eyelid and six regulate the eyeball. The trigeminal nerve, which controls sensory stimulation of the eyelid, is responsible for the wave of pain that occurs when a tattoo is placed on the eyelid.

    Although it is scientifically described that an eyelid tattoo is the most excruciating tattoo to take, many people do not experience it that way. People who have had such a tattoo done do not describe the pain as unbearable, rather as unpleasant. According to some people, their eyelid tattoo was not the most painful tattoo they got.

    Eyelid tattoos may seem like a risky tattoo, yet there are not many health risks involved. The biggest danger is suddenly having a needle rammed into your retina. The risks associated with this type of tattoo are mostly tied to the artist who sets it. If poorly placed, the tattoo artist can cause the client to walk around with a permanent bluish eyelid due to a blowout. So choose wisely and choose an artist who is sufficiently skilled and has a certain level of experience.

    It is hugely important that you follow the aftercare of an eyelid dip well. This body part is hugely prone to infections, if you don’t follow up and take care of this properly you can lose vision. Be sure to keep eyelids sufficiently clean and moisturized.

    Think carefully about what you want to have tattooed on your eyelids, as removing these tattoos is not obvious. This involves placing interocular shields under the eyelids, directly on the eye, to protect the cornea from the laser. One uses a softer laser because this is a very delicate area. Because of this, there is no guarantee that the tattoos will disappear completely.

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