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    Couple tattoos

    You see it more and more these days, couples immortalizing their love for each other through a tattoo. Just think of the many celebrities who have their new partner’s name tattooed on themselves. The debate over whether this is stupid or very sweet will continue. Considering your loved one’s name might be just a little too drastic, there are a number of alternatives. For example, you can put an object or text on your body that reminds you of your partner, or you can go for a tattoo together. Such a couple tattoo you get together can be the same design or two different designs related to each other. The possibilities are endless.

    What you should definitely take into account when thinking about getting a tattoo on your partner is the fact that you may break up. No one likes to think about it when stepping into a relationship. Of course you hope this one is forever, but chances are it is not. So be sure to think twice before you get “Marie” or “Jaxx” tattooed wholesale on your chest.

    If you still cannot contain yourself and would prefer to show the whole world that you are in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend, choose a more subtle reference. For example, you can choose a phrase from your favorite song or an animal that reminds you of your partner.

    What couples often choose these days is to take two separate designs together that belong together. Consider a queen and king crown, each half of a heart, a hamburger and fries, etc.

    That couples choose this option rather than their partner’s name is not separate. There are masses of horror stories about tattoos with names. Who wants to have the name of an ex who cheated on you on their body?

    Especially in the world of celebs, couple tattoos are hugely popular. It seems like the proclamation of a celeb couple is accompanied by a tattoo honoring their new partner. Whether done primarily as a publicity stunt or a loving gesture, the tattoo is there forever.

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