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    Are tattoos harmful to your health?

    Although tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and accepted by society, there is still a well-worn demand regarding these works of art. When you first get a tattoo and communicate it to those around you, you might well get the question, “Is that really healthy? There is distrust in society toward tattoos, people wonder if the ink in your body is not harmful in the long run.

    At first glance, tattoos do not cause you any health problems. Only if you have sensitive skin or a poor immune system should you be a little careful. However, this is only in a small percentage of the population. If you think this is the case with you, find an artist who is willing to perform a small test on your skin first.

    Tattoo ink can be toxic to the body, it is very important that a tattoo artist is aware of the risks and uses only top quality ink. There are types of inks that contain carcinogens, be sure to check that your artist is not using inks that contain these substances. When in doubt, be sure to ask what kind of ink your artist uses when setting your tattoo.

    In general, a tattoo will not poison your blood. The reason you should not give blood for four months after getting a tattoo is that there is a risk that unsanitary practices have been carried out. If the tattoo machine or needles were not adequately sterilized, they may have carried germs and transferred into your body. This is why it is important to choose a good and professional artist.

    There are studies showing that tattoos would weaken your immune system by releasing cortisol. However, this is a short-term reaction and is certainly not the case with everyone. This occurs mainly in people who already have a weakened immune system.

    That tattoos are a detriment to your health and cause a shorter lifespan we can disprove almost immediately. No research indicates this. People are quick to assume that people with tattoos die earlier because tattoos are linked to people taking risks in life. Think gang life, reckless driving, skydiving. However, this is an assumption of society and is not directly related to tattoos.

    For now, no one has died as a result of a tattoo. There are cases of people who did not follow their artist’s advice and died due to infection because they did not give proper aftercare to their tattoo. Always look for an artist who is reputable and professional and follow your artist’s advice carefully.

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