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    Anthony Loffredo’s transformation into Black Alien

    Frenchman Anthony Loffredo is another step closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a complete alien. His latest surgery, in which he had two perfectly healthy fingers amputated on his left hand, has ensured that his transformation is now 41% complete.

    The 33-year-old man began the transformation of his life about 9 years ago. From an early age, he was passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body. Soon he dreamed of going through life completely as an alien. Meanwhile, he takes the name Black Alien and has 1.1 million fans worldwide.

    Anthony began his remarkable transformation with tattoos, tattooing his body from toe to toe. Meanwhile, his body is 100 percent covered in tattoos. It did not stop there, however; soon he took his transformation one step further. Thus, he had his ears and the top of the nose, as well as his lips, removed to resemble an alien. With his latest surgery, he had two fingers removed from his left hand to form a claw.

    To have these operations realized, the Frenchman traveled around the world. For example, nose removal is forbidden in France, so for this he went to Spain. He had his fingers removed in Mexico.

    Beyond the many modifications Black Alien has already undergone, he has many projects ahead. He says he is only 41% transformed into the alien he wants to be. His modifications help him expand his fandom. His wealth is estimated at $1-2 million today, thanks to income from his social media platform and sponsorships.

    Latest Posts


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