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    6 uncomfortable places to get a tattoo

    Getting a tattoo? How cool! But unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel comfortable. Here are 6 places that can be quite painful!

    It is important to understand that everyone experiences pain differently and that it depends on several factors, such as personal pain threshold, size of the tattoo and the skill of the artist. That said, there are certain places on the body where most people experience the most pain during tattooing.

    The most painful places to get a tattoo are generally those where the skin is thinner and closer to the bones. Here are some examples of these places:


    The area around the rib cage is often considered one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. This is because the skin here is thin and there is little fat between the skin and the ribs.

    Feet and ankles

    Because the feet and ankles are in constant motion, getting a tattoo here can be extra painful. The skin in these areas is also very thin and sensitive, so the pain can be stronger.

    Hands and fingers

    Also on the hands and fingers, the skin is very thin and little fat is present. This can make getting a tattoo here quite painful.

    Inner side of upper arm

    The inside of the upper arm is another area where the skin is thin and closer to the bones. This can make for an unpleasant and painful experience during tattooing.

    Around the nipples

    While it may not be the most obvious place to get a tattoo, the area around the nipples can also be quite painful. This is because the skin here is very thin and many nerves and blood vessels run through it.


    Finally, getting a tattoo on the genitals can be a very painful experience. The skin in these areas is very thin and sensitive, and tattooing can be very uncomfortable.

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