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    12 popular historical tattoo styles

    There are thousands of styles of tattoos, but many are based on certain historical styles centuries old. One should definitely know these styles before starting a design. These historical styles can assist in choosing or refining the perfect style tattoo. In this article, we describe 12 styles that can help design the perfect tattoo for you.

    1. Classic American

    This style of tattoo is usually the first one people think of when they think of tattoo styles. The style was popularized in the 1930s by Norman Collins. Classic American-style tattoos are defined by bold contours and the use of similar colors and images. In this style, you often see a combination of hearts, daggers and roses or female pin-up figures.

    2. New School

    This style consists of imaginative figures that come to life in an imagined world. It’s like flipping through a comic book, full of vibrant colors and jagged animals.

    3. Japanese

    This Japanese style Irezumi has been around for centuries and has always maintained its popularity. Tattoo artists create both traditional and new versions of these works of art. Usually the person’s back, legs or arms are covered with this style.

    4. Black and gray

    Black gray tattoos can include a wide range of styles. These tattoos are also not tied to any particular subject, anything is possible as long as it is tattooed in black tones. This is done by diluting black ink to create a spectrum of hues.

    5. Portraits

    Portraits are a subset of the realism genre. No black outlines are used in this style, so it achieves an accurate representation of people (or pets). This can be done in both color and black tones.

    6. Stick-and-poke

    This stick-and-poke style involves tattooing with a single needle. Although often used by do-it-yourself tattoo artists, professional tattoo artists can also use this style. It is characterized by simple black lines.

    7. Realism

    In realism, anything can be depicted: people, animals, landscapes or objects. For this, you need an experienced tattoo artist to create a realistic-looking work of art. Whether black and white or colorful, this tattoo style always makes an amazing visual impact.

    8. Black work

    Blackwork is a tattoo style originally derived from the original tribal tattoos. The tattoos consist of thick black lines in various geometric shapes. This genre continues to take artists to the next level.

    9. Biomechanical

    Biomechanical tattoos adapt to the shape of the body, the idea being that they mimic machines that might be hidden in the body.

    10. Geometric

    Geometric tattoos are very timeless and currently very popular. Often the geometric elements are combined with organic elements. The tattoo style often stands out because of the contrast between the exact, sharp lines of the style and the curves of the body.

    11. Realistic trash polka

    Realistic Trash polka was created by the German Buena Vista Tattoo Club. The style is immediately recognizable by its collage structure, intricately printed materials.

    12. Surrealism

    This tattoo style gives artists a lot to work with. The style may change, the subject matter may change, but ultimately gives an experience of sublime fantasy.

    Of course, there are no rules when it comes to choosing a tattoo style, but inspiration can be taken from the styles above. They are the styles that have lasted the longest and never lose their charm.

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